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You know me, I love to search the blog sphere and find more artists using mandalas as a medium to express themselves. Here are some more favorites. Enjoy!

seda misterio mandala ART
Image by victor candela via Flickr

OMG Posters! » Archive » “Sacred Mandala One” Art Print by Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter is quickly working his way up the ranks of the psychedelic poster scene on the west coast. His new art print, “Sacred Mandala One”, is a 22″ x 28″ ten color screenprint, has an edition of 36, and is $80. …

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean: Summer of the Sidewalk Mandala

Biffybeans: Hippie Metaphysical Mandala Artist/ Writer/Musician writes about life, the universe & everything and regularly reviews art supplies, fountain pens & paper. View my complete profile …

Soft Pencil Thursday – Mandala

This week we were asked to design something other than a card, with one of the Mandala digi stamps. I was assigned to my favorite Mandala digi that Elizabeth has in her store, it is called Eternal Flight. I swear that she must have ESP …

All Things Beautiful: The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009

The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009. Waking up, looking up, I see the light, love, joy breaking through. The message is clear. It’s a gift from the heart. Open it. The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009. Posted by SusanGail at 9:12 PM …

Mandala’s in Space « Six Generations Art

Mandala’s in Space. December 18, 2009 in Carol Hayward. Carol Hayward. Mandala’s in Space. Milky pens on black card. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated). Earthweek Mandala at Brown School · A Mandala for Monday …

Sacred Circle Mandalas: Holiday Elegance Mandala

During the process of creating this mandala, I started to think about my mother. She was a woman who loved all things elegant, and I learned a lot about that quality from her. It shows up all over the place in my art, in my choices of …

MWM NEWS BLOG: Mandala Meditation.

After a simple search for [Mandala] on my external hard drive I was surprised to see how many of these things I’ve painted over the past ten years. More than 60 of them in various sizes, vocabularies, and techniques. …

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Mandala as Light as Air

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I so love the photos that are shared on PD Photo from Ireland.  I want to go there sometime myself.  This mandala, entitled “Khaga” (Sanskrit for air) was inspired by the flight of birds and a gorgeous rainbow.  I sought to express a feeling of “lightness of being.”

Air is the element of the East, connected to the soul and the breath of life. If you’re doing a working related to communication, wisdom or the powers of the mind, Air is the element to focus on. Air carries away your troubles, blows away strife, and carries positive thoughts to those who are far away.

Currently prints are available at Zazzle, and other products will be available soon, keep coming back, or let me know your requests.

And the photos that inspired it are:

Waters Mandala Poster

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Lately it seems I’ve been into an “elements” theme.  This image is a tribute to Waters, entitled by the Sanskrit word “Sindhu”.  I used three different photos to compile this image in Photoshop.  They are public domain photos kindly shared with the world at PD Photos, and are created (to start with, anyway) using the Photoshop technique so kindly explained at Earth Mandalas.  And of course prints are available at our Zazzle Store.

Water is a feminine energy and highly connected with the aspects of the Goddess. Used for healing, cleansing, and purification, Water is related to the West, and associated with passion and emotion.

And these are the three photos I used:

MandalaColors on Zazzle

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make custom gifts at Zazzle

We love Zazzle!  They’re quick, they do a good job producing a large line of products.  If you’re an artist and create your own work, consider using them to share your work with the world, without having to carry an inventory!  And of course we humbly share our own products here.  Articles listed below tell the story of how some of these images were created.  Enjoy.

Mandala Art From Tree Bark

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I love the idea of creating one thing out of another. I created two different Mandalas in Photoshop from the same simple image of tree bark that I shot while visiting family in Virginia. I took the picture because I was intrigued by the texture. And every part of the design is made up of a piece of this picture.
<br />

The first image (left)is entitled “Valka Prathamaja”. In Sanskrit, “valka” is tree bark, and “prathamaja” is “first born.”

The second image (below) is entitled “Valka Dvitiiya” — “valka” again being tree bark, and “dvitiiya” being “second after the first”.

<br /> The seed idea for creating mandalas this way came from Earth Mandalas, and I have elaborated on the ideas with layers and filters, etc. Follow that link for a great tutorial and templates for creating your own mandalas this way.

Posters and other products made from these images are available at our Zazzle Store, just click on the images.

The fun part? Showing you the image these were created from:
<br />