Mandala Screen Savers

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atemycrayons_kldThe computer screen is something my eyeballs land on a great deal, and if you’re like me, having the right images there makes for a much more pleasant daily experience. Bring the beauty of mandalas to your computer screen — often a great place for placing meditative and soothing images.  Here are a couple of good ones I’ve found.

Kaleid-O-Space™ is a mesmerizing screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope, right on your PC! Some of it’s features are:

  • 18 Colorful Animated Kaleidoscopes
  • Animated Transition Effects
  • Simulates Real 2 and 3 Mirror Kaleidoscopes
  • Multiple Animated Pattern Layers
  • Interactive Capabilities
  • Capture Wallpapers from Any Visual Scene
  • Store up to 19 Wallpapers at a Time
  • Cycle Wallpapers Manually or Automatically
  • Metaphysically Oriented Visual Enhancements
  • Customizable Setup Options
  • Full Help Documentation and a Printable Manual
  • FREE Download and Trial, $14.95 to purchase the full version.

KrazyDad has multiple screensavers, and he says, “Unlike many crude screensavers which are inaccurately described as “kaleidoscopic,” my screensavers are true kaleidoscope simulators: They use a two mirror “mandala” reflection system, much like the best fine-art kaleidoscopes, and they are entrancing and mesmerizing!”  He has developed software called Metascope, but I haven’t been able to try it as it is “broken” at the moment.  But there are some freebies avaliable on his site.

There are many others to be found if you simply Google “mandala screensaver”, but beware the computer parameters and of course spy/malware.

Three Ways I Use Mandalas to Relax

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Filligree Coloring

Here are some of my favorite times to color mandalas:

1.  When my husband and I are talking about our finances.  This one I figured out by accident.  Usually these sorts of conversations drive me crazy, particularly if we don’t see eye to eye.  But if I am coloring while we talk, I find it much easier to listen and relax.  Therefore, it’s also much easier to find the right words to express my own opinions.

2.  While watching TV with my son.  Now those who use mandalas for meditative purposes may shudder at this one, but I find it works for me.  His selection of TV shows is not always that interesting for me, but that’s not my point in being there.  I want to have the opportunity to interact with him and be aware of what’s going into that brain of his.  Having a mandala to color gives me something to do that I enjoy, and yet I can still be available for those moments of laughter at silly characters and conversation over concepts he doesn’t understand.  And I can remind him that with TIVO, he can fast forward through the commercials.

3. When I’m having business conversations on the phone.  This was another accidental discovery.  Not only did I find that it helped me relax (I’m not big on these kinds of phone calls, particularly with people I don’t know very well) but I was better able to focus.  And later, when I looked at the design I had been coloring, I found I remembered more details in the conversation.

How do you use mandalas to relax?

Mandala Sacred Geometry Designs

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By Andy Kahn

The word mandala is of Hindu origin also used in Buddhist practice. In Tibetan Buddhism it has developed into sand mandala pattern. Mandala generally speaking is a term for any geometric symbol that represents the cosmic energy metaphysically or symbolically. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community, connection. Various forms of Mandala design is also used as an aid to meditation and trance induction. Read more

Creating Mandalas For Spiritual Growth

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By Kevin Forrester

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, which means, “Circle”. This hallowed diagram or meditation symbol is normally round and is a symbolic representation of the cosmos and its energy. It is utilized in Eastern and Native American medicine for curing body, soul, and spirit. Meditative reflection of the mandala can bring the internal light of the soul to awareness, trigger secret powers of the mind and open the heart chakra to the therapeutic power of absolute love. Read more