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You know me, I love to search the blog sphere and find more artists using mandalas as a medium to express themselves. Here are some more favorites. Enjoy!

seda misterio mandala ART
Image by victor candela via Flickr

OMG Posters! » Archive » “Sacred Mandala One” Art Print by Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter is quickly working his way up the ranks of the psychedelic poster scene on the west coast. His new art print, “Sacred Mandala One”, is a 22″ x 28″ ten color screenprint, has an edition of 36, and is $80. …

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean: Summer of the Sidewalk Mandala

Biffybeans: Hippie Metaphysical Mandala Artist/ Writer/Musician writes about life, the universe & everything and regularly reviews art supplies, fountain pens & paper. View my complete profile …

Soft Pencil Thursday – Mandala

This week we were asked to design something other than a card, with one of the Mandala digi stamps. I was assigned to my favorite Mandala digi that Elizabeth has in her store, it is called Eternal Flight. I swear that she must have ESP …

All Things Beautiful: The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009

The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009. Waking up, looking up, I see the light, love, joy breaking through. The message is clear. It’s a gift from the heart. Open it. The Daily Mandala: December 17, 2009. Posted by SusanGail at 9:12 PM …

Mandala’s in Space « Six Generations Art

Mandala’s in Space. December 18, 2009 in Carol Hayward. Carol Hayward. Mandala’s in Space. Milky pens on black card. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated). Earthweek Mandala at Brown School · A Mandala for Monday …

Sacred Circle Mandalas: Holiday Elegance Mandala

During the process of creating this mandala, I started to think about my mother. She was a woman who loved all things elegant, and I learned a lot about that quality from her. It shows up all over the place in my art, in my choices of …

MWM NEWS BLOG: Mandala Meditation.

After a simple search for [Mandala] on my external hard drive I was surprised to see how many of these things I’ve painted over the past ten years. More than 60 of them in various sizes, vocabularies, and techniques. …

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Mandala Screen Savers

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atemycrayons_kldThe computer screen is something my eyeballs land on a great deal, and if you’re like me, having the right images there makes for a much more pleasant daily experience. Bring the beauty of mandalas to your computer screen — often a great place for placing meditative and soothing images.  Here are a couple of good ones I’ve found.

Kaleid-O-Space™ is a mesmerizing screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope, right on your PC! Some of it’s features are:

  • 18 Colorful Animated Kaleidoscopes
  • Animated Transition Effects
  • Simulates Real 2 and 3 Mirror Kaleidoscopes
  • Multiple Animated Pattern Layers
  • Interactive Capabilities
  • Capture Wallpapers from Any Visual Scene
  • Store up to 19 Wallpapers at a Time
  • Cycle Wallpapers Manually or Automatically
  • Metaphysically Oriented Visual Enhancements
  • Customizable Setup Options
  • Full Help Documentation and a Printable Manual
  • FREE Download and Trial, $14.95 to purchase the full version.

KrazyDad has multiple screensavers, and he says, “Unlike many crude screensavers which are inaccurately described as “kaleidoscopic,” my screensavers are true kaleidoscope simulators: They use a two mirror “mandala” reflection system, much like the best fine-art kaleidoscopes, and they are entrancing and mesmerizing!”  He has developed software called Metascope, but I haven’t been able to try it as it is “broken” at the moment.  But there are some freebies avaliable on his site.

There are many others to be found if you simply Google “mandala screensaver”, but beware the computer parameters and of course spy/malware.