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Amazon, as expected, has the best selection of mandala coloring books around.  Many of them I have tried and used myself.  The widgets below features the titles and authors I recommend, and links to getting them for yourself if you so desire.

Susanne F. Fincher

Susanne Fincher has been writing about mandalas and producing wonderful mandala coloring books for a long time.  These are good staples for any mandala-friendly library, and great places to start if you’re just getting into coloring mandalas. Her coloring books are spiral bound, which is a nice feature for ease of use.

My First Coloring Book!

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I did it, I did it! Finally I finished my first downloadable mandala coloring book. It’s been in production for a long time (mostly due to life distractions and my perennial lack of focus). But it’s here! I proudly present:

Pareidolia Mandalas Coloring Book

30 Unique downloadable mandala designs for relaxation.

Pareidolia MandalasYou can find out more and order it here.

Sample images from the 30 unique mandalas included in this book:


Already convinced? Go ahead, buy it here!

Keep your eyes peeled, there’s more in production.  Meanwhile make sure you have signed up to get a password to enter the free downloads section.

Happy Coloring!