What Shall I Make Into A Mandala Today?

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As I surf the web, watch the news and experiment with my own mandala making, I am amazed at the amazing variety of ways and mediums through which people make mandalas. Here is just a sample of some artists who use different materials for creating them.

DCDavid Chidgey– originally inspired by stained glass rose windows, he moved on to creating commissioned work.  Here he shows the step by step process in one piece.

Previously I featured Virginia Fleck, who makes large mandalas out of recycled plastic bags.  Check out that post here.

5k-cellphone-aThis guy, artist Rob Pettit made mandalas from old cell phones– this one consists of 5,000 cellphones destined for the landfill.

I stumbled on the information about him originally on an interesting blog called Digital Dieties. It appears to be a blog about mandalas made by all sorts of artists all over the world wo make them out of all kinds of funky materials – scissors, food, wire, you name it. There are many images there, be sure to check it out.

eyepopartChristine Claringbold makes eye-popping mandalas from recycled records, and shapes them into bowls, clocks and many other items.  I guess there is a reason her blog is called Eye Pop Art, go take a look.

Continually surfing the web, I know I will come up with many more.  Do you know any artists who make mandalas in interesting ways, or with unusual materials?  Let me know, I would love to feature them on a future post.

Even if coloring between the lines is as creative as you want to get in mandala making,  gazing on the gorgeous creations of the varied mandala artists out there is always inspirational. And you never know, the crafter in you may just find another way to express your mandala-loving heart!

MandalaColors on Zazzle

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make custom gifts at Zazzle

We love Zazzle!  They’re quick, they do a good job producing a large line of products.  If you’re an artist and create your own work, consider using them to share your work with the world, without having to carry an inventory!  And of course we humbly share our own products here.  Articles listed below tell the story of how some of these images were created.  Enjoy.

Mandala Art From Tree Bark

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I love the idea of creating one thing out of another. I created two different Mandalas in Photoshop from the same simple image of tree bark that I shot while visiting family in Virginia. I took the picture because I was intrigued by the texture. And every part of the design is made up of a piece of this picture.
<br />

The first image (left)is entitled “Valka Prathamaja”. In Sanskrit, “valka” is tree bark, and “prathamaja” is “first born.”

The second image (below) is entitled “Valka Dvitiiya” — “valka” again being tree bark, and “dvitiiya” being “second after the first”.

<br /> The seed idea for creating mandalas this way came from Earth Mandalas, and I have elaborated on the ideas with layers and filters, etc. Follow that link for a great tutorial and templates for creating your own mandalas this way.

Posters and other products made from these images are available at our Zazzle Store, just click on the images.

The fun part? Showing you the image these were created from:
<br />