What Shall I Make Into A Mandala Today?

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As I surf the web, watch the news and experiment with my own mandala making, I am amazed at the amazing variety of ways and mediums through which people make mandalas. Here is just a sample of some artists who use different materials for creating them.

DCDavid Chidgey– originally inspired by stained glass rose windows, he moved on to creating commissioned work.  Here he shows the step by step process in one piece.

Previously I featured Virginia Fleck, who makes large mandalas out of recycled plastic bags.  Check out that post here.

5k-cellphone-aThis guy, artist Rob Pettit made mandalas from old cell phones– this one consists of 5,000 cellphones destined for the landfill.

I stumbled on the information about him originally on an interesting blog called Digital Dieties. It appears to be a blog about mandalas made by all sorts of artists all over the world wo make them out of all kinds of funky materials – scissors, food, wire, you name it. There are many images there, be sure to check it out.

eyepopartChristine Claringbold makes eye-popping mandalas from recycled records, and shapes them into bowls, clocks and many other items.  I guess there is a reason her blog is called Eye Pop Art, go take a look.

Continually surfing the web, I know I will come up with many more.  Do you know any artists who make mandalas in interesting ways, or with unusual materials?  Let me know, I would love to feature them on a future post.

Even if coloring between the lines is as creative as you want to get in mandala making,  gazing on the gorgeous creations of the varied mandala artists out there is always inspirational. And you never know, the crafter in you may just find another way to express your mandala-loving heart!

Mandala Starter Kit E-Book

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What is a mandala starter kit? It’s a set of tools to help you draw beautiful mandalas… even if you’ve never drawn a mandala before. You don’t need to already know how to draw. You don’t need artistic talent. You don’t need to struggle with a collection of instruments like compasses, straight-edges, stencils, or curve rulers.

Now You Can Make Beautiful Mandalas. All you need is a desire to draw mandalas, some paper and pens or pencils, and the Personal Mandala Starter Kit.

Get it here at a special introductory rate.

Without this kit, drawing a mandala can be complicated and confusing.

  • You need to find or draw a large, flawless circle within an even square.
  • You need to think of things to draw in it.
  • You need to try to figure out what makes a mandala.
  • You need to visually size up the elements.
  • You have to guess at where things should go.
  • And you have to juggle a lot of drawing tools at the same time.

On this site we often give tips and tricks for how to draw mandalas with the simplest tools, and it can be done.  The thing is, even with professional drawing tools, sometimes it’s not easy to get things to look right. Even experienced artists find it difficult to draw a mandala with such things.

And you still face what may be the biggest obstacle, which no other tool can help you with… What To Draw!

The Personal Mandala Starter Kit, however, has been created especially with all these needs in mind. It offers you easier tools than you can buy anywhere else, because they’re all integrated into the pages you print off. And perhaps even more important, it gives you over 200 ideas of things to draw.

The best part is, you can use these tools over and over again. They can’t break, wear out, or get lost. So in this one book, you get a lifetime’s worth of mandalas to draw. So is there anything the Personal Mandala Starter Kit doesn’t provide? Only one thing: it is waiting for your touch to bring the mandalas to life.

Spiritual Mandala Templates E-Book – FREE

And as a bonus gift, you will receive the Spiritual Mandala Templates E-Book to download, absolutely free! Spiritual Mandala E-book Cover Here are 56 (fifty-six!) Mandala Templates based on ancient symbols from spiritual traditions from around the world and throughout history. So not only will you have the many “mundane” mandala templates to play with, you can expand your mandala meditation by starting with these spiritual symbols, including . . .

  • Crosses,
  • Star of David,
  • Pentacles,
  • Yin-Yang (Taijitu),
  • Om,
  • Buddhist Wheel of Dharma,
  • Hecate’s Wheel,
  • Fatima’s Hand,
  • Eye of Bridgid (Eye of God)
  • and more.
  • Click below to get it at the special introductory price, available for a very limited time.
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